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By Monday, September 2, 2013 , , ,

This week...

:: a wet and foggy Monday morning felt like fall really is just around the corner.

:: I roasted turkey breast for dinner.  The chopped fresh sage reminded me of sleep-away camp.

:: Lukas and I stuffed empanadas together.  He tried various tools to get them to close - even the potato masher.

:: even with smaller meals the cat is back to scarfing and barfing.

:: Lukas had Friday off so I took it too - even if I did end up working some.

:: we drove through our college campus and pointed out the changes to each other.

:: we ate favorite foods - Kona's, Firestones, Sylvester's.

:: we ate waffles and hung out with fun cousins.

:: I got a free pedicure while Lukas toured the wood shop.

:: we ate popcorn and beer for dinner while watching the harbor in the night from our awesome room.

:: Lukas taught me more about football.

:: we headed to Davenport for sunset and were rewarded by skies that blew up at the spot where Lukas asked me to marry him 4 years ago now.

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  1. How awesome is that, being in the very spot you were engaged and having a spectacular sunset! Top moment I would say. :)