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in season {august}

By Thursday, August 16, 2012

take {12} july

Half way through the month.  A summer that seems to be quickly slipping away.  I finally got it together enough to hand letter the long list of produce that marvels of this special time of year.  And though the list was lettered at the beginning of the month it is now the middle.  But maybe this follows the natural progression of summer {or just my general propensity towards laziness}.  

Today, I'm already anti to my sloth-like tendencies.  Laundry already washed, dried and folded {sure the putting away still remains}.  At 6am the laundromat is eerily quiet.  The dampening fog that found its way over San Bruno Mountain is adding to the quiet.  While the washer runs {and then the drier} I drive home to get caught up on my daily pictures.  The drive is just long enough for the seat warmer to start kicking in.  The time between moving the laundry to the next stage is just long enough to edit and post a couple pictures and have a little breakfast.

Now I'll have to think about putting together a salad of left overs.  BBQ'd beef from Tuesday night with spinach and roasted tomatoes from last night.  The salad I put together last night became Lukas's lunch instead.  But I think this hodgepodge will be just as tasty.  

This evening I'll stop at the farmers' market in town.  Another half-flat of strawberries will probably make their way home with me.  But not the nectarines since instead of getting softer they just seem to wrinkle and go bad on the counter.  It's hard to pass up the 99 cent per pound red ones at Safeway anyways.  

Two more days of working and then a weekend at home.  The biggest thing on the agenda will be a trip to Costco, meal planning and grocery shopping.  But my list of want-to-do is long enough to fill the rest of each moment.  Stuff like strawberry freezer jam, cinnamon buns {husband requested}, sewing projects, and maybe even cleaning the bathroom {ok, maybe that's not a want-to-do, but it does need to be done}.

Time to get out the door to work.  A car ride, to a train ride, and a walk to the office.  The day has already begun.

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