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take 12 {july}

By Sunday, July 15, 2012 ,

take {12} july

I had fallen off the picture taking wagon a little bit and my daily photo challenge was actually a challenge for me.  Then I stumbled upon this website - Capture Your 365.  So I jumped in with both feet and when the 12th came I set about capturing not one, but twelve moments from the day.  Lucky for me... instead of a normal {boring} in the office day July 12th had me running around the city.  Here's the story in pictures...

{1} Lukas get's a ride to work.  The new job {in a parking garage} didn't make for an easy commute on BART.
{2} I watch him walk down the road to work, before I pull a U-turn and head back home.
{3} Inigo claims my lap while I get in a couple hours at the computer - my work desktop on the home computer.  
{4} I finally found a parking spot in the city not to far from where I'll pick up a queen bed frame.  I was a little early, but it was a good thing since I needed the extra time to find a parking spot.
{5} Me and the bed frame make the trip up the elevator.  Thankfully a nice workman on the street helped me get all the pieces in the big blue cart.
{6} A box of 4 cell phones was waiting on front stairs.  The signed note to the FedEx guy worked.  
{7} After picking Lukas up at work, he modeled his new hiking hat.  A Tilly.  Note the cement water all over his shirt.  
{8} Dinner cooking on the stove.  Thai beef boats don't look all that picturesque, but they sure are tasty.
{9} Lettuce boats, washed and waiting to be filled.
{10} Dessert was fresh berries from our stop at Farmers' Market.  The berries were going to be sorbet, but they were just too tasty to make it to sorbet.
{11} Just a little goofiness before hoping in the shower at the end of the day.
{12} All tucked in, ready for lights out.

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