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in this moment {july}

By Thursday, July 19, 2012

take {12} july

I am...

{feeling} pleasantly sore in my arms and legs

{enjoying} a week that's gone surprisingly fast

{loving} masters swimming and so glad I took the plunge and joined

{remembering} our international travel - getting off the train early in the city hits me with a big dose of nostalgia 

{thinking} about the wedding we are going to this weekend

{wondering} when we'll try our first backpacking trip - we're basically all geared up now

{hoping} the canvas comes a day early so it won't be left sitting outside all weekend

{anticipating} the arrival of Miriam and her family, but I wont see her till Monday

{listening} Lukas tell funny stories from his instructor - about pink hard hats

{watching} the TV show 24 on Netflix - getting hooked

{saying} "hi" to Ileana over gchat while we talk about our long days

{inspired by} the "modern frontier woman" at swimming who gave birth at home just a few hours after completing the 7am practice

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