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{granola bars}

By Tuesday, July 10, 2012


This is attempt number 2 at creating a yummy granola bar.  Attempt number 1 turned out super sweet - way too sweet actually.  So I had my eye out for a recipe we'd find more suiting.  Last week I stumbled upon this recipe {below} in a magazine that looked quite promising.  I gathered the ingredients on a quick stop at Safeway on the way home from work.  

Sunday I spent much of the day puttering around the kitchen.  First getting the dough going for these awesome sugar cookies.  While the dough chilled I put these granola bars together - with appropriate pauses for photo shoots.  I cut down the sweetener a bit {brown rice syrup} and these turned out awesome.  Though I did over bake them a bit.  And nobody likes burnt apricots, but... live and learn.  These will be added to the recipe box.  

Next up?  A good granola recipe... got any favorites?  

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