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By Friday, February 17, 2012

the painter

It's been over a month since I {re}started the 365 photography challenge. Along the way my cousin Emily joined in the fun. And then we thought it would be great to have some themes to help us focus and expand our photography. The only thing was that it's hard to think up themes and then picking one is just as challenging. Good thing I married this awesome guy. Em got the list started and then Lukas helped us beef it up.

{side note: speaking of beef, just tried this recipe on skirt steak - it's awesome!}

I randomized the list and "color" popped up as our theme for the next two weeks. So that's what we'll be focusing on.

Join the fun! The awesome thing about this project is you can start any time. No need to wait for the perfect day. Just start taking pictures. And then take another the next day and then again the next day too. Just don't stop.


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  1. Love the photo of Wil's painting pants!

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  3. thanks aunt deb. I loved how painted covered he was.