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in a little trouble

By Thursday, February 2, 2012 ,


In my family, things get pretty competitive really quickly. And a post-dinner game of Trouble turned that way last week. My dad was on his way back up to Arcata after a little walk-about and stopped at our place for the weekend. Even though dinner ended up being really late {poor Matt got stuck in traffic}, we made a night of it. Salmon burgers and twice bake potatoes! Yum.

And then came Trouble... things were pretty even out the gate. Guys were sent home, turns skipped {yeah, we've got some family house rules} and then Matt had three guys in and the fourth waiting in the wings. As each turn rolled around {yeah, I threw in a little pun there} I had my camera all lined up waiting for the perfect "winning" candid. But turn by turn Matt just couldn't seem to roll the right number.

so close
so close!

And then, with a roll, the die almost stopped at the right number. But a little too much effort tipped it past and Matt was still stuck outside his home base. Not to fear though. I still had my camera lined up and on Matt's very next turn this happened...

And I got my picture of the day.

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