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dinner for one...

By Wednesday, February 8, 2012 , ,

hungarian mushroom soup

... and lunch for the week. When Lukas headed out of town mid-week for a little photography excursion the one thing I was looking forward to was making soup. My husband, being typical of many males of his age, feels soup does not equal dinner. And really, in his opinion, it should be demoted to such a time as when we are both ancient, gumming our food with ill-fitting dentures. Such are the strong opinions that keep us from simple weeknight dinners of soup with a side of crusty bread. But when those opinions go on "vacation"... I make soup!

Let me entertain you with a brief photo essay of ... soup!

chopped onions
First there was the chopping. Quick work was made of an onion... not so quick work was made of the 2 pound mountain of mushrooms.

They were washed. Then I chopped and chopped and chopped.

inigo montoya
This lazy kitty supervised {mainly through closed eyes}. It takes a long time to slice through 2 pounds of mushrooms. Surprisingly long time.

Then... season, cook, enjoy!

enjoy!The details:
  • Hungarian Mushroom Soup, Moosewood Cookbook
  • sliced sourdough bread
  • sour cream and parsley garnish

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  1. Mmmmmm...for my next lunch sans hubby. The visual is so relaxing ;)

  2. that looks absolutely yummy! i didn't realize it was mushrooms, i love mushrooms! i think i might even have that cookbook. you don't have a food processor?