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my garden

By Thursday, July 21, 2011


Well after loosing one watermelon, one cucumber and two garlic plants to causes unknown I decided to give the garden a second try. And things seem to be growing this time. The peas - my saving grace - have completely taken over their little corner of the garden. The other night we had our first little harvest of them for dinner. Yummy fresh peas with almonds and garlic.

I also planted more peas and those are just trying to catch up with their older counter parts. Hopefully this will extend our pea eating season. The summer heat has been kind to the tomato plant and it actually has many tiny little tomatoes on it. My hope with planting a cherry tomato variety was that it wouldn't need as much heat to get the tomatoes ripe. Fingers still crossed about that one.

I've got rows of lettuce sprouts that just need to get a little bigger. Then salads and such here we come. My basil plants seem to be growing by the day too. These are destined to be pesto. Really it's the best thing to do with basil.

Here's the garden in all it's jungle-y goodness. Happy summer!


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  1. megan- that first picture is stunning! happy eating!!