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By Wednesday, July 27, 2011


The summer season has begun. The season of longer days, fresh veggies from the garden, and for us... Art Shows. This means prints are ordered, mats are cut, new photos are framed. And this year we even added a new product - fine art photography cards.

cutting backing
The first year we did a show it was all about pulling all-nighters right before. Queen of procrastination, I hadn't done up the panel covers till then. And at the morning of set up we had the express "joy" of trying to slip them over the grid walls. Well, this year my pre-show project was making cards. Quite a bit less brain power required and I didn't put everything off till the night before.

In Santa Cruz, the day before the show, we finished up framing and cleaning all the art. It's amazing how much better the pictures look all printed up than when you're just looking at them on the computer. The details pop more, the colors grab you and they're just more impressive.

the booth
With one year under our belts we weren't as rushed {well some what} and set up the day of the show went much more smoothly. This year, in addition to the cards, we added another large print rack. We also added wooden boxes for the smaller matted prints. Lookin' good I think!

the booth
All this to say...

If you're local to the Santa Cruz area why don't you head over to Capitola for a day in the sun at the beach this Sunday - July 31. We'll be there {in this fancy little booth} from 11am-6pm. Stop by, say hi, check out the photography. We'd love to see you!

the booth

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  1. looks awesome!! it would be so fun to one day do the same show with lukas. the cards are wonderful. i know some friends who do what you guys are doing, and they say they often make most their money from the cards.

    any room for a vase of flowers?