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By Tuesday, May 11, 2010 , ,

I got to do some fun sewing the other day. Had to get these May blocks done for Jessica and they were so fun to do. She asked for blocks inspired by traditional quilt blocks with a modern twist - like Modify Tradition. It was great to have the resources of Modify Tradition to turn to and I easily picked out a couple blocks that I really liked. I did the Quatrefoil that you see to the left here and the Antique Tile {below}. While I really like how these came out I wish I'd taken a bit more care in planning out which fabrics to place where. I would have liked to have the green be more prominent and break up the lighter blues.

And one quick note on the Modify Tradition tutorials... these ones were great. I loved the way they had you put these blocks together. So simple and straight forward, but with time saving methods too.

Happy sewing!

Now off to wash last night's dishes {darn} and get ready for work. We've got a game to go to tonight - yippee!

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  1. I LOVE your blocks...they're so fresh and bright! And thank you for the nice compliment...Jennifer and I tried very hard to write easy-to-follow tutorials. :)