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11 days and counting

By Wednesday, May 19, 2010

{photo shamelessly stolen from my fiancé's flickr stream... p.s. "borrowing" flickr photos shouldn't be done without asking the photographer first... ok, off my high horse!}

So, instead of stress out on wedding details and "the list" when the clouds were looking promising last night we headed out to catch the sunset. The plan was to head south on highway 1 and see where we ended up while trying to not out run the pretty clouds. When it did look like we were driving away from them we turn around and stopped at this beach in Half Moon Bay. We parked across from some multimillion dollar homes and walked out to the beach on a path through a golf course. Fancy! The clouds were stunning, but the sunset didn't look like it was going to be much - too many clouds to block out the sun. We explored the south end of the beach and then it got to be about 8pm. That's when the parking lot "closed". Since the sky was still looking nice Lukas stayed down at the beach and I went to protect the car from tickets or towing. As I walked across the beach I looked out over the water and just had this strong feeling the sky was going to explode. And boy did it ever! From the car, over the golf course I watch the sun sink down and amazing colors spread across the clouds.

When the colors faded we went home and had a LATE dinner of beer battered fish {recipe in the most recent issue of Everyday Food, but I can't seem to find it on line} and garlic fries. Wow, it was good! It got the stamp of approval - "add it to the list" from Lukas. The night was a double win - sunset and yummy dinner. If only the Sharks had won to make it a triple win.

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  1. Wow, Megan - Lukas's pictures are phenomenal!!! So glad you got to take an evening to relax in the midst of the busyness. :o)