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By Friday, October 23, 2009 , ,

I seem to have disappeared from this little blog of mine. I was just thinking earlier today, "Gosh it's been a long time since I've posted anything." And it really has. Too bad in all that time I haven't really made any progress in my quilt. Yep, none at all. Instead, the days of fall have just slipped by pretty quietly.

I've done a little sewing, but will have to finish that up and send it out before I post it on here.

The high light of the last couple weeks was our trip to Mendocino. We headed up there for Lukas's birthday hoping to catch some of the clouds from the storm earlier that week. We got up early on Saturday morning to catch the sunrise. Totally expecting to be fogged in we went over to the Point Cabrillo light house. Light house in fog = cool (we hoped). As we walked out to the light house the sky behind us light up bright orange-y, pink-y, red. There were a few stars peeking through and not really any fog. Instead, we got to witness an amazing sunrise. It was quite stunning. It was especially nice when the warm sunlight fell across the light house. It only lasted a few minutes, but was beautiful.

That morning was the best clouds/light of the trip but we had fun the whole time. I got a fun new pair of shoes (pictures to come), we did a little shopping in Fort Brag and Mendocino, some tree climbing, cards playing, yummy pizza eating. We had a great time hanging out with each other.

In other news... I'm almost famous! I was surprised when I went to the Presser Foot blog today and saw my face smiling back at me. I'd forgotten I'd submitted this idea to them a bit ago. How fun is that? Totally made my day.

Cowlicks - pumpkin ice cream!!

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