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Dress design for Shabby Apple dresses

By Thursday, October 29, 2009

I may not have the best skills in sketching, but when I found out about this design contest at Shabby Apple Dresses ideas started collecting in my head. Not that I need any more stuff collecting in my head as wedding planning and such have totally taken over.
So, in an attempt to stop thinking about this {and move on to more important things like AH! I better start my first mock-up of my wedding dress} I drew this little sketch. My dress design for Shabby Apple dresses. Here's what I'm thinking... light blue linen - nice and breezy for spring. But it'll need to be lined with something, maybe slippery smooth rayon. It'll most definitely need some pockets in the side seams at the hips. Then to jazzy it up I'd go with a few rows of raw, edged ruffles around the bottom of different thicknesses and unevenly spaced - I'm thinking 3 rows. The top, scoop neck will also be edged with the ruffle like the bottom, but only about 1" thick and just around the front of the dress. Zipper up the back for easy getting into. And this little number will have cap sleeves with pin tuck ruffles at the opening. I'm thinking, all ruffles in orange.
My inspiration totally is coming from my fiance's ocean-scape photography. Especially at sunset, the cliffs of the Northern California coast light up orange with warm light. The water is a multitude of blues as the light gets longer. At the shallow spots it is the pale blue that I'm thinking of for this dress. Deeper the water turns rich teal and then indigo. Hopefully this dress will capture the peacefulness and serenity of this natural beauty.
And since this little spring dress needs a name... Davenport.

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