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By Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I wish I had the prefect picture to go with this post, but this one will have to do.  We're still in the latke making process so I guess it counts.

Latkes are one of the most tasty foods I know of.  Who doesn't like fried potatoes with a little onion thrown in?!  And, latkes are some of the simplest foods to make.  Seriously, I know how to make them without a recipe and that's saying a lot.  The hardest part is grating all the potatoes and we made that much much easier by using the food processor.  

Our little food processor makes the most horrible, loud noise.  Maybe it's because it's small, but the high pitch whine is unbearable.  Therefore, my dad produced ear plugs for us to wear while I shoved the potatoes and onions through the little machine.  And by ear plugs I mean the yard work/lawn mower muffler type.  

Now any good cook and most anyone that has ever sliced an onion knows that given the right onion you'll begin to tear up moments into cutting into the onion.  I don't know what it is about some onions, but there can be ones that are much worse than the others.  We had particularly pungent onions in our latkes this year.

So, here's what I wish I had a picture of, but what you'll just have to imagine.  Me in my apron, ear plugs in place, chopping away with gigantic alligator tears rolling down my cheeks.  It was a sight to behold.  

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