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By Thursday, January 15, 2009 , ,


We watched a romantic sunset from the ridge above Camp Tawonga the weekend Lukas came up to visit me while I was working at camp.  The excitement of seeing my boyfriend was mixed with the excitement of seeing under the stars.  Within the excitement of sleeping outside was a little bit of worry about bears.  Camp Tawonga is located right outside of Yosemite (remember this post).  But the thought of bears wasn't on the forefront of our minds as we snuggled into our respective sleeping bags.  Instead we chatted and watched the stars come out as it grew darker.  

And then, mid-sentence, we heard a rustle.  It was quiet, but sounded like it was made by a laaarge animal.  "Was that a bear?!"  "Shhhhhhhhh, let me listen."  And then we lay there very still, straining our ears to hear what was coming to get us in the dark.  It was coming closer and was definitely made by a heavy animal.  I tried to force my eyes to see through the dark, but it just wasn't happening.  

Just as the tension was building we heard a very different noise that completely broke the tension.  It was the tinkling sound of a... cow bell!  So, the "bear" that was coming to get us was only a wondering cow.  Phewww.  

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