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By Thursday, January 8, 2009 ,


Memories from kindergarten are fuzzy and hard to pin down.  Like when David and Latecia got "married".  We had mud pie and I am almost certain the "ceremony" took place beneath the metal climbing structure.  What I can remember is feeling so excited about this.  I guess it's the feeling of things that sticks with you.  But, making myself think about on kindergarten I'm realizing other things of my personality that I had even back than.

Each week we had workbooks that we had time to work on with the teacher's helper.  Mostly, I remember them being about the numbers and learning to count.  The page I can remember the clearest from these workbooks was the one where we glued down toothpicks to form a shape with as many sides as the number for that week.  I took pride in lining up the tips, making it very neat.  If I was to look back at those pages now I'm sure they show the signs of kindergartner work - excess glue, crocked lines.  What has carried over from then to now is my enjoyment of the way things line up.  I like the neat look of lines of text on a page, margins straight.  I like my class notes to be clean and orderly, priding myself in their neatness.  Maybe this is just one of the "weird" things that makes me me.  It's just interesting to realize that even when I was 5 I was already becoming who I am today.  

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