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By Wednesday, December 17, 2008 ,


I was walking in the woods the other day with my dad and he asked me, "Where does our energy come from?"  Sensing a trick question Lukas answered, "The sun!"  My dad chuckled, "Yes.  Ok you got me there.  But what's the simpler answer?"  "Well," I said, "it comes from the power plant."  Yep, that was the answer he was looking for, but there was more to it.  Where does the energy at the power plant come from?  My dad had gotten to thinking about this and so he called up our power plant to ask them.  At first they didn't want to answer, but finally he was told that they buy energy from some other company.  And, yes, eventually it all does trace back to the sun.  

Energy is one of those things that is hard to really understand.  We can see the effects of energy and the outcomes of things it effects.  Energy makes heat, boils water, warms your cup of tea.  Energy excites electrons or maybe it's excited electrons that make energy.  Energy seems to be all around us, but the tricky part is how do we bottle it up and use it?  I liked this definition of energy "ability to do work or to cause change".  Energy also can be transfered from one form to another and the total amount remains the same.  

So, indulge me for a moment on this tangent.  If energy was the ability to cause change - to change each other's lives for the better.  Then this energy could be transfered from one person to the next with none being lost.  We could generate an energetic chain of dominos.  Helping each other out, creating change, each of us acting as energy.  We have the ability to do work and create change.  We can be energy.   

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