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By Monday, December 15, 2008 ,


On my old computer there is a quote stuck to it that I got from a fortune cookie. 

"Teaching kids to count is fine, but teaching them what counts is better."

It is interesting the many different meanings the word "count" has.  To simply count, one lists numbers in order.  But to say "I count" has more than one meaning.  Maybe you are saying "I can list the numbers in order."  Or maybe what you really mean is "I matter."  

How are these two concepts connected?  Numbers a sign value to an object.  A higher number connotes a higher value.  To say a person counts means that they have value.  So that when we are counting we could simply be looking at the amount of something or we are looking for the value.  When we are told "Count your blessings" often what is meant is to number them up.  See just how many blessings you have.  But what if what was really meant was "Look at the value of your blessings."  "Value the ways in which you have been blessed."

To say, "I am counting on you" is to say "I am depending on you."  But why use the word "counting"?  Because to count is to give value.  You are not simply depending on another person, you are depending on them because they are of value.  

To teach children to count we are giving them the ability to see what matters in the world.  

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