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By Tuesday, December 16, 2008 ,


I am a dreamer, both in the metaphorical sense and in the literal sense of the word.  I often wake up distinctly remembering that I had been dream.  Even when I don't remember what exactly I was dreaming about I know that I was dreaming.  It's a strange feeling to wake up to.  It is strange how the weirdest things are commonplace in dreams and actually are perfectly sensible in dream-land.  The world of dreaming is bound by the actual world and yet free from it at the same time.  It is in this world that you can be living underwater or instantaneously travel across the world and this would be completely "normal".  

To be awake and dreaming is to be wishing for grand things.  To have goals and hopes for the future.  And to believe that you are capable of amazing things.  The dreams I have when I am awake are bounded by the constraints of the physical world of "what is possible".  No, I shouldn't dream of that because there's no way for it to happen.  But, what if I didn't let my dreams be bound by the physical possibilities that I know?  What if I set seemingly impossible goals?  Then using dream-logic, find a way to reach those goals?  To be practical is good, but to accomplish amazing things one must dream big and stretch the possibilities.  

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