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Sunset @ Santa Cruz

By Sunday, November 16, 2008 ,

A couple evenings ago Lukas and I hit up low tide at Lighthouse Beach in Santa Cruz.  The goal was to get cool pictures of the natural bridge that is just north of the light house.  But, the light wasn't quite right... It was hitting the back of the natural bridge that is just about inaccessible unless you go for a little swim.  Now we know... got to go at low tide in the morning.  But the dilema with that is the tide doesn't seem to get very low in the mornings.  Gosh, being a photographer's assistant can be such trying work.  

As Lukas said, the sunset was a good "vanilla" sunset.  And it was.  A beautiful wash of golden orange and deep blues.  I like vanilla - it's nice and simple.  The ocean that night was calm and it came to life with color as the sun sunk lower on the horizon.  Here's the photographer hard at work:
As we walked north along the cliffs we heard music up ahead.  Interpertive melodies on piano. And that's what it was, a long haired, strawhatted man sat at an upright piano playing away to his heart's content just steps away from the cliffs and the ocean.  I had to smile at the simplicity of it all.  Why wouldn't you want to play beautiful music in the cool air of the setting sun?  So what if your instrument doesn't happen to be the most portable of all instruments?  
While Lukas entertained himself taking pictures I got to watch the stars come out.  

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