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just one more story

By Tuesday, November 25, 2008

When I was a little girl i would snuggle in my dad's big black chair with him and a mountain of books.  My favorite refrain was "just one more story.  please, just one more story."  He would oblige most of the time, but after hours of reading stories he would feign sleep.  I would poke him with my little fingers trying to wake him up.  "Come on Daddy, just one more story.  That's it, I promise."  

On this last trip home to visit my parents my dad built a fire one night and as we wait for dinner he read me a story.  I love to listen to him read as much as I love to hear the story.  Something about listening to stories is soothing.  

Today I found the prefect site for listening to stories.  I think I could spend hours listening to "just one more story".  The StoryCorps has instituted the national day of listening, set for this coming Friday.  They ask you to set a side 1 hour to interview a person that is important to you about their life.  Take a moment to learn about this amazing project.  This would be a wonderful tradition to start.

Participate in the National Day of Listening

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