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By Thursday, November 20, 2008

Today Lukas and I had a fun and busy day.  First order of business was driving into Eureka to deliver a couple huge boxes of apples to the Eureka Rescue Mission.  A few days before we had picked 3 big boxes full of apples and the tree still looks full.  The guys at Eureka Rescue Mission seemed a bit surprised at all the apples we had for them.  We saved one box for the Food Endevor in Arcata only to find out that they were completely over run with apples and didn't need ours.  After droping off the apples we headed over to the Eureka Library.

It had been so long since I'd been to a library for anything other than studying for school.  I'd forgotten how much I like libraries.  Rows after rows of books all organized.  Just makes me happy.  As a little girl my mom would take us to the library weekly.  I would leave with as many books as I could carry and read all of them by the time we went back the next week.  Today we were looking for books on photographing the Oregon Coast and such.  It was fun to look up the books, find them, and page through them quietly together by the windows overlooking the wharf.  Lukas ended up finding a great book on landscape photography and I got to enjoy the library.  

From there it was back to Arcata to find out our apples weren't needed and then on to Wildberries to pick up some fish for dinner.  Got some talapia and a little ice cream too.  Then back home we went to play a little basketball and then head back out again, this time to the beach.  

When we go to the beach the clouds were pretty, but nothing special.  I walked the dogs down the beach while Lukas shot away.  The sun sunk lower in the sky and the sunset exploded.  What was predicted to be a rainny day turned out to be the most beautiful since we've been up here.  

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