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By Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I might be the biggest dork on the planet, but I got a kick out off this new "music video".  Maybe other microbiology dorks out there will have a laugh too.  Just had to share - loved the line "it's amazing what heating and cooling and heating will do..."  

Enjoy the dorkyness!
*PS. This is my first try at posting a video so who knows if it will work.

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  1. You might be the biggest dork on the planet? I'd say it's pretty certain that you are.

  2. Hey well done on the youtubing! I think this is an excellent segue into anal sex. :)

  3. HI LADY!! I miss you! I would love to meet you two at Disneyland but can't because I have orientation FOR MY NEW JOB!! Yes indeed! It's still serving, but hey, it's gonna be fun! I might have Sunday off though, will you two lovebirds be around then?