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Are you married? ...don't try it!

By Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Today I had an errand to run for work that brought me to Kinko’s Copies.  While I was waiting in line to pickup a poster that I’d had printed up I couldn’t help but notice the older couple in front of me at the counter.  They were being helped by what looked to be the supervisor of the place – at least he was the only one there in a tie while the rest of the employees were in their “nifty” black and purple Kinko’s polos.  This couple appeared to be getting something printed up, maybe address labels and they were deep into the process of picking out a graphic to go on whatever it was that they were having printed.  The women, in pale pink pants and a white cotton t-shirt, was pointing to a print off of tiny pictures she must have brought with her.  “See,” she was saying, “isn’t this one just so much better.”  The supervisor readily agreed but had to inform her that they didn’t have that exact graphic.  The look on her husband’s face quickly told me they’d been going in this circle for quite some time already.  “You have these options here,” the supervisor said, pointing to a gargantuan book.  “There’s this house and this one is very nice too.”  “Well,” the lady responded, “Don’t you think it looks better with the gate in front.  I like the gates in front, don’t you?” she said turning to her husband.  “Sure,” he said.  “They’re all very nice.”  Around in this circle they went again.  “Here,” said the supervisor pointing to the big book, “This one has a nice little picket fence in front.  The all-American dream home.”  At this point the husband glanced my way and gave a little roll of his eyes.  Just another option to choose from, his tired look seemed to say.  Just what we don’t need.  The wife turned to me showing an exasperated look at her husband’s antipathy.  “Why does it even have to be house?  We could pick anything,” she said.  With that the supervisor jumped in again, “Why don’t we take this book over to the side and you can take a few minutes to pick something out that you like?  You can sit down and figure out what you want.”  The wife countered with, “Maybe we’ll need a few hours.”  And her husband followed that up with, “Try a few days, no years.”  As he was turning to walk to join his wife at the table he asked me, “Miss, are you married?”  I smiled, because I could see where this was going and said, “No. I’m not married.”  “Good,” he said.  “Don’t try it.”  And shaking his head he walked over to join his wife a the table where I’m sure they spent many more minutes (but hopefully not months or years) to pick out the perfect graphic.   

*I've found that since I have writing I need to do (in the form of a cover letter) other writing ideas are coming out instead.  Just another form of procrastination.  

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