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By Wednesday, April 16, 2008 , ,

That is... my sewing machine and I are now on speaking terms again. The last project I had completed on it was a camera strap for Lukas way back in October. The machine was not happy with me back then. It kept jamming and I even bent my very first needle. (I know, there will probably be more to come.) It seemed like I tried just about everything to get it to just work right. Even after a major cleaning oiling it still didn't like me. The camera strap did finally get done, but by then end my machine and I were no longer friends. Well, I did what I normally do when the sewing can get frustrating... I set my machine aside for a bit. Cool off, recharge and then I would get back to sewing some more. Well, my cooling off period turned into months and months. I didn't even have the urge to sew again for quite some time. And then, around the first of the year I started thinking about sewing more and more. And the weather started turning warming and I began to think I could use some new skirts. So, ever other day or so I'd tell myself, Today you are gonna take your machine out and sew! But, I would also talk myself out of it 'cause I didn't know how well I could get my machine to work. And, the fabric I was thinking of using for my skirt hadn't been washed yet to remove the sizing. And doing laundry is a huge daunting task that must always be put off until it is strictly necessary to keep standards of decency. (I need to learn to wash the fabric I buy right away so I wont run into this problem in the future.) Well, it finally happen. I decided that I was just gonna sew something and remembered the green corduroy I had left over from the camera strap - enough for new bag (to fit the gigantic wallet I'd bought the day before) and I'd made the camera strap about twice as long as it needed to be so I had two ready made straps. Seeing it sitting next to this flower print looked perfect for the lining. I just learned a new pocket technique from this amazing blog so I had to add a pocket inside. I also cut a few flower out that you can see on the front and did my first appliqué. I think I need to work a bit more on my free-hand zigzag stitch. (Am I suposed to use my pressure foot? It makes it hard to move the fabric through the machine.) But, I was super stoked on how this bag turned out. The pocket technique worked superbly and the appliqué on the front gives the added splash of color it needed. I love my new bag! (Just wish I had a super cute picture of it to go with my post. This one will have to do till I see my personal photographer in a little over a week.) And... my sewing machine loves me again. What would the problem seem to have been, you might ask? Well, the bobbins I had bought, while the fit, were a little bit too small. When I switched back to using the right sized bobbin, my machine began to hum along as if we had never had our "fight". So, if some time in the future I do laundry and I remember to throw in the fabric I can get to making some more skirts. Glad to know I can get along with my sewing machine again. Just in time 'cause I'm signed up for a super cool apron swap that I'm so excited for. Any day now I'll get my partner!!

Edit: New and much improved picture to go with the post. Enjoy!

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