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Happy Spring

By Monday, April 7, 2008

It's funny how fresh flowers can make me want to clean. I got these beautiful tulips this past weekend at Trader Joe's. They just make me smile - especially yellow ones. These have more petals than I've seen on most and their sunniness was just begging to be photographed tonight. But... back to the part of making we want to clean. Fresh flowers need a cleaned room so that they can stand out. It just wouldn't make any sense to hide them behind all the clutter that was my desk (and floor and rest of the room). So, this weekend I picked up and dusted and found new storing places for piles.

And... 3 days running, things are still picked up and my bed has been made (in the morning)! Maybe turning 24 was just what I needed to turn over a new domestic leaf. And, hopefully blogging will keep me accountable for my messes.

Happy Spring!

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