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By Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Last weekend I took a super duper quick trip up to Santa Cruz to visit Lukas. Saturday morning we got up early and drove up a little bit north of Santa Cruz to Wilder Ranch. We hiked along the cliffs over-looking some of the bluest Pacific Ocean water I've seen in a long time. It reminded me of the clear blue waters down in La Jolla, minus the crowds of people and over-developed cliffs. The hike out at Wilder Ranch was quite easy and simple in it's scenery - cliffs, ocean, and farmland to our right. As the sun got higher it began to get hot out, so we turned around. (Last weekend was hot (for me) out here!) On the way back to the car we saw a bunch of Team in Training folks in their t shirts training together. Many of the had names of people they were training/racing for on their shirts. It was great to see them all out there working hard and the "power walkers" made us smile.

The rest of the weekend we were quite lazy and that was wonderful. It was a nice break from weekends spent in the library for me and I loved getting a chance to just hang out with Lukas. We did a mini photo shoot of the new bag I made. I had fun being the "model" while Lukas tried to figure out using his flash in the high speed sync mode. And... Lukas's mom's boyfriend and a friend had cleaned up the Speedster and got it running again. They're planning on selling it I think so before it left I had to "take it out for a spin". Here I am, "vrooom vroooming" along. Would have been soooooooo much cooler if I'd actually gotten to take it out, but I'll make do with what I can get.

Sunday evening, after a bowl of matzo ball soup, I headed back down to L.A.. I got to stop in San Luis Obispo to have coffee with my little sister. My favorite SLO coffee place was closed early so we gave Uptown Coffee a try. It was good. But the company was even better. Shawna and I chatted and reminisced about growing up. I love being able to hang out with my little sister so much this past year compared to last year when she was in Israel. But, after a quick coffee I had to get back on the road for the rest of my drive.

Now it's already Wednesday and the week is half over. My list of things to do just keeps getting longer - papers to write, homeworks to grade, quizes to write, homework to do, presents to by, cards to make, and bills to pay. Hmmm, yeah, I think that's about it. Plus, throw in a little swimming and tea with a friend and that's my week and weekend coming up. Oh! And getting started on making an apron because I just got my swap partner for this super cool apron swap I signed up for. I can't decide what I'm more excited for - making a new apron or getting a new apron.

Photo shoot - April, 2008

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