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I got mail!

By Friday, September 7, 2007

I got mail today. I got home early and waiting for me outside the door was a package with my name on it! yippee! I hurriedly unlocked the door, ran in inside and rushed to turn off the blaring alarm. And then... I ripped on my package to find this - a scarf that I had been expecting and two beautiful fabric pieces that were a surprise. The scarf is amazing!! Wonderful color choice and I love the feel of the yarn and the pattern too. It was made just for me in the first swap I was in. I'd have to say my first ever swap with quite a success. My partner liked the bag I made her and I'm in love with my new scarf. Too bad I live in L.A. and I'm pretty sure it's never winter here. But, yesterday I think fall started - maybe. The weather turned a little crisper and the sun some how feels a bit further away. This scarf is going to be a perfect fall weather scarf!
Yesterday I went to the farmer's market around the c
orner from my house for the first time. I can't believe I didn't go before. Awhile back I researched farmer's markets in the area and found this one, but then never ended up going. This was a wonderful little stop on my way home. I got a basket full of fresh produce for $20 - all organic and $8 of that was impulse/treats (cheese and a yummy drink). It's a pretty little farmer's market, but just the right size with all the produce I was looking for. Not crowed and the sellers were all super friendly. Everyone just seemed happy to be there. I know I was. Now... off to have some of the red, ripe strawberries. Yummy!

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