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A domestic day...

By Sunday, September 9, 2007 , , ,

I couldn't have been more domestic today if I tried. My day started at the bright and early hour of 10:30 - I love the weekends (especially not having to work)! First things first, I had to finish cleaning up my room. I find it very hard to keep my room clean and after putting my laundry away yesterday (finally) the room still needed lots of attention. That took the rest of the morning, but actually went really fast and it feels so good to see my floor again.
My next activity was a trip to the fabric store. And I came home with these lovely new fabrics. I asked for just 1.5 yards of the flowered one, but it was the end of the bolt so he just gave me the whole thing - 2 yards, but charged me the 1.5. That made my day. These fabrics are destined to be aprons. I saw these super cute aprons in Anthropologie the other day and have had them on my mind since then. So, with this as my inspiration I whipped up this little apron number as my second domestic task of the day. I'm not quite sure about the buttons I chose and I think I need to move the straps out - like in the one that I used for inspiration. Otherwise I'm really happy with how this turned out.
My third and final domestic task of the day was cooking dinner. A healthy dinner! Baked zucchini. Fre
sh zucchini from Farmer's Market sliced lengthwise and with their innards scooped out. Then I heated up some oil with chopped garlic and throw in the zucchini. Lastly, that all got mixed with some grated cheese and cooked brown rice and stuffed back into the zucchini "boat" shells and into the oven it went. Now it's got just a couple more minutes to bake and then dinner with be done. Let's see if I can keep up the domestic trend and do my dishes after dinner... that might just be asking a little too much.

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