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cinnamon buns
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When one is capturing a picture a day and one is trying to get pictures that capture each day uniquely one often turns to what one was eating that day.  Well, at least I do.  Except, like pictures of the cat, I'm trying not to make them THE picture of the day too often.  You know?? Stretch yourself and all that jazz.

So, let me share with you my photo dump from the kitchen.  {Photo-dump... that doesn't sound appetizing at all!}  First up there's the cinnamon buns - requested by Lukas, inspired by Sam.  Lukas gave me his proper "I'm so excited about these cinnamon buns face" and then when I asked to take a second picture... well he just couldn't refrain from stuffing more cinnamon bun in his mouth.

eggs eggs
And a few days before there were many many deviled eggs from "tapas tuesday". Such a treat for lunch the next day. I sprinkled mine with smoked paprika and Lukas had his plain.  I even got all fancy using the piping bag and tip, but pretty sure those skills could use some work.  And smoked paprika?!  Oh my!!  I'm having a little love affair with it.  Currently, my two favorite "add flavor" items in the kitchen are smoked paprika followed very very closely by toasted sesame oil.  I'm sure you were dying to know.

And now a dish that uses my second favorite "add flavor" item - toasted sesame oil.  When meal-planning on Saturday morning while Lukas was at work I opened up Smitten Kitchen.  A new recipe had been posted and it looked quite yummy.  Had Lukas been there I would have showed him the yumminess and he would have proceed to say, "Heck no!"  I confirmed this later while cleaning up the kitchen after we'd eaten the yumminess.  But since Lukas just happened to be gone for the meal planning I decided to give this lime juice filled dish a try.  And lo and behold it got the Lukas stamp of approval.  It got mine too!  And now to share the prettiness with you... we paired the salad with a strawberry banana smoothie.

dinner! dinner! Care for a glimpse of our meals for the week?
     meatless monday :: honey balsamic bean salad with asparagus
     tapas tuesday :: rosemary flatbreads with chicken salad and hummus
     weber wednesday :: bbq teriyaki chicken sandwiches and yummy corn on the cob
     bazar bizarre thursday :: felafel
     fry-day friday :: {not fried since thursday is fried this week} pecan salmon with mashed potatoes
     wild card saturday :: chicken wings and a veggie


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