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meatless monday, tapas tuesday and other such things

By Tuesday, March 13, 2012 , ,

in season

Two weeks ago, Lukas and I sat around meal planning and not really making much headway. We'd really been stuck for quite some time with deciding what to have for dinners. Recently, we'd been making that decission moments before I'd leave work. I'd stop at the store on the way home and that'd be that. Except that meant often repeating dinners and lack of imagination. So, back to two weeks ago...

Lukas said, "How about trying Meatless Monday?" And I said, "Sure!" And that snowballed themes for the rest of the days. Our alliterative powers were mad at work. Here's what we came up with:
  • Souper Salad Sunday {go to 2:20, but the whole thing is really funny}
  • Meatless Monday
  • Tapas Tuesday
  • Weber Wednesday
  • Bizarre Bazaar Thursday
  • Fryday Friday
  • Wild Card Saturday
Ok, so they're not all alliterative, but you try thinking of something great to go with Thursday. And we NEEDED a wild card day. Weber Wednesday is our BBQ day and Bizarre Bazaar Thursday is our day for international fare.

We're in the second week of themed meal planning and it has made things easier. We're trying new things again and having fun doing it. Other constraints to keep us healthy{er} include only one cheesy meal a week, potatoes only twice, one soda/beer a week, and one dessert a week. Also, we're trying to eat seasonly too. Hence the "What's in season" page at the top.

Happy eatin'!

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  1. Megan, you're illustrations are so sweet!! I just watched the video and I laughed and laughed. Phew. Thanks! Super Salad... that actually happened to DH once. One of his funnier stories.

    1. Thanks Adrianne!! I was inspired by a friend from high school who recently posted some pretty lettering she did. http://oldsoulthreads.blogspot.com/2012/03/playing-with-some-hand-drawn-lettering.html

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  3. i am so inspired! i love your ideas, and i love, love your illustration!

    i am at the tail end of a few weeks of meal planning victory. i think mostly because i ran out of good recipes from my library cookbook. i was starting to do a soup every week, but why not a theme for everyday!?!

    happy cooking!

    1. Yay! Thanks for the illustration love. I had fun doing it up. I think if you click it that will take you to google docs and you can save a copy if you want. :)

      Hmmm... a soup every week?! Run into some winners? Care to share? :)

  4. Megan, just stopped by to check on you and say Hi. This is Marty from the Tethered Threads Quilting Bee. Did you ever finish your quilt? I still have all my lovely squares but they are not yet a quilt.
    You and your beloved look very happy.