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camp at dusk {Stash Fabrics Design Star Competition}

By Tuesday, November 1, 2016 , ,

My excitement keeps growing as I get to continue on in the Stash Fabrics Design Star competition. This journey began as having fun playing around with the design wall over at Stash Fabrics. The design wall is a cool tool for picturing fabric combinations online. The best part of shopping for fabrics in-person is putting the bolts next to each other and picking out just the right pairings. That's harder to do when shopping online, but the design wall makes it so much easier. Getting to play around with fabric? I'm all in!

In round three, Beth asked us to create a gender neutral fabric bundle. I think gender neutral is quite challenging. There are definitely fabrics that scream GIRL! and ones that feel more manly, but what makes something gender neutral? Aside from not keeping a specific gender in mind, how does one go about creating a gender neutral fabric collection? For me, these tend to lean toward the masculine but in such a way that it doesn't read gender specific. Tricky! 

For my fabric bundle, I was inspired thinking of one of my favorite, non-crafty, things to do - camping. Here is what I thought about when creating this fabric bundle...

When you're outside all day hanging around camp, going hiking, and eating around that sticky picnic table the light fading tends to sneak up on you. The air temperature drops and suddenly you can hear the camp noises from the sites hidden in the trees around you. Over-friendly raccoons may be curious about the dinner you are preparing. It feels too early to start the fire, but by the time it is going good the stars are faintly shining and the noises around the campground are beginning to hush. You might hear the river that flows nearby or short, sudden bursts of laughter and then things quiet down again. You will watch for shooting stars while laying on your back on the cool granite slab that sparkled when the sun was overhead, but now glows silver in the sliver of moonlight. Later, you'll slip into your cold, nylon sleeping bag smelling like the campfire and crushed pine needles.

A few of my fabric bundles that I posted to Instagram for the first round of the competition. 
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