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growing :: the end of May

By Thursday, June 2, 2016

almost, but not quite, everything...

Welcome to a little tour of this garden of mine. It's little, but it's growing and already we're eating from it. Above, you can see the main garden beds. We've got tomatoes, lemon cucumbers, pumpkins, and watermelon in the leftmost bed. In the center you'll find delicata squash, spaghetti squash, butternut squash, and celery. Lastly, there's the monstrosity that are the zucchini plants. There's also some acorn squash hiding in that bed. Next year, I'll do a better job sticking to one or two types of veggies per bed.

In the tall beds we've got herbs, strawberries, and some greens. I've yet to be super successful with these beds but I'm willing to keep trying and trying. They're what started off all my gardening efforts at our house. The herbs just might be settling in and, ever slowly, the chard is growing. I lost my one big juicy strawberry to a squirrel - was going to pick it that afternoon, but I waited from morning until evening and it was gone.

Things to be done... clear off the bricks and other debris from the concrete pad, finish off the garage wall with some paint once the stucco finishes curing {tri-toned isn't really doing it for me}, and lay sand and bricks down for our picnic table pad. Each little step forward has me day dreaming of the day when the backyard is done and just enjoyable.
baby delicata squash
tiny pepper and a growing cucumber plant
mint sun tea
On Saturday we put in a new electrical panel - this time one that doesn't have a propensity to arch or cause fires. It's not a very visible change but one we were excited to have completed, especially since it was quite necessary. While the power was off for the day, I set some tea to brew in the sun. Sure I could have lit the stove with a match, but why not use this as an excuse to harness the power of the sun?

Behind the brewing tea you can see the old tires from the volvo hosting tomato plants. And in the shadow, just catching a bit of light is the apple tree. It is doing much better than the first one that never really grew. I was surprised when the nursery let me exchange the dead tree for a new apple tree this year. Hiding completely in the shadow are three artichoke plants that are happily growing too. I can't wait till they start producing.
pumpkin tendrils 
I have dreams of pictures of our baby with pumpkins from our garden. Probably something to do with the fact that there are pictures just like that of me and my siblings with pumpkins my mom grew. The pumpkin plant already has the promise or two of a pumpkin. The trick this year, for me, will be to pick them before they rot on the vine.
sungold flowers
Already, these flowers are turning into little green tomatoes. It won't be long now before we're eating the first of them as well. That will be a nice addition to the zucchini we are having trouble keeping up with.

Happy growing, little garden.

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  1. Well I stumbled here through that little next blog link top left on blogger and i was just about to say to my self that i cant imagine me and this gal have to much in common but all of a sudden there it was. The garden. Me an my roomie have been doing tons of gardening and other sustainable living like activities. trying to live cheap and save. I have been so surprised how much I have liked gardening and raising chickens and rabbits. I mean just the works. By the way i'm writing here you would assume that we live out in the country on a nice big spacious piece of real estate but nothing could be further from the truth. I am so impressed with how we have managed to grow and raise so much in so little space. In fact it has made such a great impact on my budget and overall personal finances that I have decided to eventually do a very indepth article post for my new finance blog. I literally just started it a few days ago. Do you find that your gardening has saved you much money?? If you have any savings tips really I would love to hear about!! Love the blog thanks for sharing Megan.

    Also I wanted to mention that your photo quality is awesome! Thats one thing I want to make sure I do well with this blog is really get some great interesting photos that enhance my articles and other content.

    1. Hi Finance Guy,

      Thanks for the complements on the photography. Part of what I love about keeping a blog is the visual record of daily life.

      Regarding the garden and saving money... at this point I've got to say the garden is more a labor of love and not a money saving mechanism. It totally would be if I was growing all my veggies from seed instead of starts from the nursery. I'm still working out what I can grow best (zucchini are the clear winner) and each year is getting better.

      Best of luck to you!

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