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vintage rainbow {mosaic challenge}

By Friday, January 15, 2016 , ,

Starting the new year off fresh with a fabric mosaic challenge from Stitched in Color. Our inspiration this time around comes from a vintage twist on the rainbow colors. I couldn't help but play along...
and create a couple mosaics using the fabric offerings from Fabricworm. As you might be able to tell from each of these mosaics, my current fabric crush is Sarah Watts's new Cotton and Steel line - Cat Lady.  Both mosaics feature prints from this super cute and playful fabric line.

My first mosaic on the theme was built around the decidedly vintage feeling print in the center. Both the color palette and the whimsical design caught my eye. Building out from there I didn't feel the mosaic was completely hitting the mark with the "rainbow" portion of the theme, but I was happy with the fabrics chosen and together they tell a very vintage story.

vintage rainbow 01


While I loved the first mosaic, I felt is was not fully embracing the rainbow aspect of the vintage rainbow theme. I set out, with the second go, to capture the rainbow part with an eye towards the vintage feel. Rainbow colors with a vintage twist! Besides the design and color of the fabrics, I also wanted this mosaic to fit the theme with the feel and weight of the fabrics. Impossible to tell through the computer screen but each of the fabrics chosen has a light and airy hand. Double gauze, lawn, and voile should all make for a light, spring-time quilt that is soft and vintage feeling to the touch. Of the two mosaics, I think this one is my favorite.

vintage rainbow 02


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  1. Great selections! I am so bad at choosing fabric online. Just can't see the combinations on a screen.

    1. Thanks Jane!

      It takes me a lot of open tabs and downloading many options into a folder on my computer to make a little "design wall". Then I move things around and eliminate. It'd be more fun to play with fabrics in person, but then I'd be lost in the land of fabric for hours on end. Working online, sometimes, help make the process go faster. :)

  2. Two gorgeous and inspiring mosaics, Megan! Great fabric choices. I can so see either or both of these bundles making a wonderful quilt.