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early morning on the plains {mosaic challenge}

By Tuesday, October 13, 2015 , , ,

early morning on the plains

When I read the title of Rachel's most recent mosaic challenge I thought, "really? brown?" But then, upon seeing her inspiration photos and reading her words I was thinking, "Really, brown." What especially captured my imagination were thoughts of the warm browns of tall end of summer grasses catching both the frost and the first weak autumn light of the day.  That special light that glimmers first thing, even before the sun is fully up.  When the sky goes from indigo to the palest washed out blue and the ice crystals on each blade of rattlesnake grass start to melt.

Browns are earthy and grounding and warm and comforting.  Come to find out, I didn't have a problem pulling this mosaic together.  I started with the golden browns on the top and the blues on the bottom.  They seemed to be a riff on my favorite color combo - orange with teal.  In the patterns, I saw fields and the sky and fading stars of the early morning hours.  When fall evenings are explosions of warm colors, the mornings are muted and calming.  

...bits of random

:: working on finding pockets of time to sew and play with fabric has been keeping me happy

:: need to find a new exercise schedule now that Lukas is on 8am starts instead of 7am

:: looking forward to work travel and seeing good friends who also happen to be colleagues

:: and looking forward to a weekend of good eats to celebrate Lukas's bday 

:: though it makes me feel really wimpy, my flu shot from yesterday is still making my arm SORE!

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  1. Ooohhh... pretty, not even sure where you found some of those prints, love the inspiration.

  2. love those fabrics together! you've got a knack for this Megan! xo em

    1. Thanks Em! I really liked how this one came together. Especially after initially thinking I didn't have a clue what to do with BROWN!