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growing :: this little garden

By Wednesday, June 3, 2015 ,

in the garden
zucchini + butternut squash 
This little garden of mine is just growing like crazy {or at least parts of it are}.  Here's just a quick photo tour of the {better looking parts of the} backyard.

in the garden
Don't look too closely.  We're still working on reclaiming the rest of the yard.
in the garden
cilantro + pumpkins + marigolds
in the garden
zucchini + peas + PURPLE! cauliflower 

And just to remember where things started... the marigolds got moved to the bed along the fence. Good thing too, as they would have been swallowed whole by the tomatoes in the back bed.
newest garden box
it looked so empty...

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  1. Beautiful! I love all the green!

  2. what a change from when you first moved in! so much new growth! (and i mean that in many ways!) xo