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growing :: herb garden reboot

By Friday, June 19, 2015 , ,

herb garden + lettuce
new :: starting again
The herb garden was in a serious need of a reboot.  The plants were looking mighty sad.  The herb garden beds held hardly growing squash instead of herbs.  The basil bolted almost instantly.  Things needed to be refreshed. 

Last weekend I hit up three nurseries and came home with a pallet of herbs {and lettuce} and more bags of dirt.  Out went the dirt that was more like twigs and in went the fresh dirt that is having much success in the other raised beds.  This time, multiples of all the plants were sown so that we won't be afraid to chop off what we need for cooking.  

Grow little garden, grow!   
lettuce + early green tomato
glamour shots :: little lettuce + little green tomato

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  1. Looks great! May I ask, are you using compost or a mix?

    1. Hi Carlin, Thanks! I'm using a mix from the local nursery. I'm not exactly sure what it's made of, but I've heard GREAT things about the square foot gardening mix. I think this might actually be similar to that, but not totally sure.

    2. Thanks Megan, I'm always curious to hear what others use for square foot gardening. We've had some really great years and then some not so great years. And of course, there's so much information out there. We started with a really stellar square foot gardening mix, but have just been adding compost each year. It seems to do the job but I can't help feeling like there might be a better solution. Anyway, thanks for the info! Have a great first week of summer !