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one day

By Thursday, February 19, 2015 , , , , ,

The message came in my inbox; a weekend challenge to create a video of patterns - 1 minute or less.  Well, I may not have been exactly successful in creating such a short video.  And I'm not even sure what I've captured would really qualify as a pattern.  Yet, the challenge prompted me to think creatively.  The moment I read it, this idea came to mind as a series of shots I knew I wanted to capture.  A minds eye storyboard.  

We were up early - Lukas to catch sunrise with Sebastian and me... just because Lukas was getting up.  With the idea, I was jazzed to pull out my camera instead of climbing back into bed.  I set up the shots I had in mind, focusing on focus and framing and light.  

As I headed out the door to yoga before the sun was really up I kept hoping I wouldn't lose my nerve because I wanted to capture just a little clip in the studio.  I was counting on the early hour of a Saturday to mean, just maybe, the studio would be nearly empty when I arrived.  My nerve ran right away though when I saw several people already laid out across the floor.  But then, I bucked up and just went for it.  The background is out of focus and you wouldn't know there was anyone else there.  And that warm light, in the hot room, is some of my favorite of the day.  I was so glad, when I started putting the clips together, that I got this one.  

The video ends with a view of East Brother Lightstation.  Even though I 'cheated' a bit - this was from the next evening - I thought the lapping water of the Bay was just the right way to end things.  

Water is my happy place.  It refreshes me.  It hugs me.  It fills me and clams me.  It is where I want to be when I'm upset.  And being near it makes me happy.  When I'm not thinking about it, I forget how many daily interactions I have with water.  Yet, each day, they are there.  My favorite though, is when we drop everything right before sunset and head for the coast or the Bay.  We watch the sun sink and, if we're lucky, get a display of colors.  If the colors don't come, we're still pretty lucky to spend these moments out in nature.  
Complete awe.  Refreshed.  

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  1. This was mesmerizing to watch. I especially liked the waving windshield wipers and the water bottle standing sentinel as the yoga towel was unrolled. The angles of the shots were interesting, too. This is an intriguing idea. Thanks for sharing it.

    1. Thanks Cassadie. It really got my creative juices going to think of the shots I wanted to get and include in the video. That water bottle/yoga towel bit really was one I imagined in my mind and then was so happy to see that it worked.