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By Sunday, February 8, 2015

these days...

:: I'm back to working on a photo-a-day.  You can follow along here: two days the same.

:: we watched the Super Bowl with James and Solange - an all around good time.

:: I'm trying to build a yoga habit.  New habits are hard!

:: Lukas got a few mornings of great light.

:: I brought the guys burritos for lunch.  It was a hit... and then I got my favorite food truck {The Chairman Truck} for lunch the next day.  Awesome!

:: been working on a refi.  It's hard work, this trying to save money business.  But practice makes ya better, right?

:: we watched the rain coming down - all three of us {me, Lukas, and the cat} peering out the windows.  

:: and right now... Lukas is napping with the cat.  The groceries are bought AND put away.  Fresh flowers on the table.  I'm counting down the minutes till yoga.  

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