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a little bit of :: this week

By Wednesday, October 23, 2013 , ,

This week...

:: I got back in the pool, but it hurt and I struggled through 15 minutes. That was a bummer.

:: we thought we might start using the heater again, but the days warmed up.

:: I bought a punch card for our local pool. Here's hoping in 15 swims I'll be ready to get back to Masters.

:: Lukas turned another year older. I forgot to wish him happy birthday before he headed off to work. We celebrated with fried fish sandwiches.

:: I was reminded that it's best not to fry all parts of your dinner.

:: BART striked and so we drove in together.

:: we spent 40 minutes in the car to just move one city block. That's what we get for trying to get out of town on Friday evening.

:: fall color {though much was past-peek} was found with Jeff. Thankfully we ditched the idea of camping in favor of a motel.

:: I had fun on my first f/it trip.

:: we made it back into town in plenty of time to go to an open house.

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