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a little bit of :: this week

By Tuesday, October 15, 2013

This week ...

:: we listened to 'Heaven When We're Home' and were reminded of our trip to Patagonia.

:: I tried to be good about stretching and relaxing - morning and night.

:: we worked hard at having an early bedtime.

:: I registered for a conference and booked my travel too.

:: a checker at Safeway shared a story about a customer trying to pay with a bag of weed.

:: we drove to work together on Friday, but got stuck in traffic in the afternoon on our way to Santa Cruz - even though we left early.

:: Lukas found a copy of the '95 version of Sim City for a couple bucks.

:: Lukas pondered other Mac video games to purchase.

:: I read 'And the mountains echoed'.

:: breakfast at Aldo's was yummy {even if they ran out of the salmon}.

:: Lukas showed off some electrical skill and put up a ceiling fan.

:: football was watched and fruit tart was eaten.  

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