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a little bit of :: this week

By Monday, August 26, 2013

(c) Lukas Wenger Photography

This week...

:: I grabbed a cinnamon twist and ate it out by the water one afternoon at work when things were driving me batty.

:: we watched lightning from the porch and Lukas later wished we'd blown off bed time to go chase it.

:: I drew in the mornings before getting ready for work - a baptism present for the little girl who got this dress.

:: Lukas reminded me he doesn't like fruit with meat, although OJ on ribs is quite acceptable.

:: a bubble bath was the perfect way to relax.  But one should really brush one's teeth prior to taking the bath so that when one exits the tub as one pure relaxed being one doesn't have to waste energy getting ready for bed.

:: we tried mango slaw on our fish tacos.  The slaw was a winner, but we liked the tacos our usual way better.

:: we cooked tri-tip together on the BBQ and only caught it on fire a little bit.

:: we caught sunrise near Fort Point after being scared away from our first city sunrise spot by a guy in bright neon {redundant?} stretchy pants talking to himself.

:: I worked a bit on Saturday and Lukas worked a lot on Sunday.

:: we started season 2 of Game of Thrones.

:: we booked reservations for a little belated anniversary getaway.  I'm super excited!

:: I went to the baptism reception and got to taste traditional foods from Uganda.

:: and to hold the sweet baby girl while she fell asleep in my arms.

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  1. Cinnamon Twists are perfect for warding off things that drive you batty. And making plans for a getaway, so exciting!

  2. Ha ha, the image of a guy in neon stretchy pants talking to himself made me laugh out loud! I'd probably move away too! Getaway plans sounds awesome!