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By Thursday, January 3, 2013 ,


My goal for this excitingly fresh new year... to be a better keeper of memories.  Capturing both the new ones we'll create this year and documenting tangibly older ones.  All last year a photo album sat waiting for me to add pictures to it.  Or maybe it was more than a year that this album of possibility has lingered empty.  Either way, no matter.  This year my hope is to fill it.  This year I hope to put in place habits of memory keeping.

And this year, I'm renewing my goal of a picture a day.  Last year I tried, lost steam and phoned it in on too many a day.  But look at that.  Every 365 days we get to push the reset button and try again.  And try again I will.  I'll only grow my skills with mindful practice.  So, no more quick shutter button pushes right before climbing into bed.  And more planning the shots I'll hope to capture so I'll be ready when the moment happens.  More stepping out of my comfort zone to get the picture.  Less being lazy.

So here's to a year filled with more pictures and more stories and little details.  Here's to a year of memories.  {Let's start with our crazy adventure to Patagonia!}

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