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the whole package

By Saturday, March 26, 2011 , , ,

The last of the baby gifts for the Graffs was a cute little quilted blankie. I wrapped everything up in this cute and snugly quilt. And it is soooo snugly.

The quilt blocks came from the Bay Area Modern Quilt Guild. One day a couple months ago I had a fun trip to the fabric store with our past president. We picked out these fabrics for a guild challenge at our November meeting - The Quilting Race! Two teams were pitted against each other in a race to finish the most blocks where accuracy was the final deciding factor. I think I was on the winning team, but everyone won because we decided to divide the blocks evenly between all participating members. Thanks BAMQG for making it possible for me to give the Graffs such a fun blanket.
I backed it with some pink polka dotted minky fabric. And I chose not to add any batting to keep the blanket super soft and floppy. Ok, floppy sounds like a bad thing but really when it comes to blankets it's the best. The whole thing is bound with some teal satin blanket binding. This was my first time working with satin binding. Not sure if I put it on the correct way, but it worked.
Here's the picture of the complete package. Can you tell I had a blast sewing for this new little girl? {P.S. Notice the booties look like little ears on the coat? That's what you get if you ask your husband to take pictures during the day light hours. He had some fun too!}

Happy Sewing!

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  1. megan! you are amazing!! what a luck baby.

    (can't wait until i get to sew for a little wegner baby)

    love em

  2. So very cute!! I love that little jacket!