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in this moment

By Tuesday, June 26, 2012

golden morning
golden morning
golden morning

I am...

{feeling} content about waking up earlier than I have been and a little remorseful that I didn't go swimming this morning

{enjoying} a hug and a kiss goodbye before Lukas leaves for the day

{loving} having leftovers in the fridge that make for a yummy lunch, even if Lukas thought it didn't make a yummy dinner

{remembering} I need to bring home pepper corns for the pepper mill and that we finished of the big pack of costco eggs last night

{thinking} that this exercise in writing might be just awesome enough to include in my 365 book when the year is complete

{wondering} what my picture today will be

{hoping} Lukas doesn't have to work over the weekend again, even though it did allow me to get lots done last weekend

{anticipating} the arrival of three scholars from Uganda and the work that needs to get done for us to be ready for them

{listening} to current favorite songs... Wagon Wheel, a new cover of Follow You Into The Dark, Brett Dennen

{watching} the light change on the hillside across the way and thinking about watching some of the swimming olympic trials on the DVR

{saying} things like "that's awesome!" and "bazzinga!"

{inspired by} this prompt style post from Soul Mama and these beautiful videos - it's all about the light

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