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remembering how to ride

By Wednesday, May 9, 2012 ,

In high school I often road my bike to school in the morning so that I could ride it to HSU after school for swimming.  The ride from my high school to the university wasn't too hard.  Pretty much down hill with a short, but steep up hill right before reaching the cavern that was the university pool.  My face would be a bit flushed from that last push {must NOT stop, I'd think with each peddle shove down} but it was nothing like today, 10+ years later.

Today my ride to the pool was much shorter - just about 5 minutes to the little community pool - but my legs and lungs betrayed me.  A two minute sped down hill from my house became an abrupt climb a moment later.  Hitting the near vertical hill right before the pool I tried to keep going but ended up pushing my bike the last 15 yards.  My face was more than a little flushed when I panted my way through the front doors.

The ride home after squeezing in 2000 yards of back and forth in the pool proved to be just as challenging.  I flew down the hill by the pool.  At the stop sign at the bottom I could see my two choices.  Straight would be shorter but would require riding up a winding wall.  Right would entail a "gentler" climb.  I turned right.

Not so bad, I thought after the first block congratulating myself on making the best decision.  I even had enough composure to smile at the biker headed down the hill.  And then things went south.  I shifted to my lowest gear.  Each peddle made my things scream out.  My face must have been a shinny tomato red - the heat I could feel rising off it.  Sweat was rapidly exiting my body through every pore.  My breaths were ragged, gasping and searing my lungs.  But I kept moving ever slowly forward.  Turned the corner and the road was almost amazingly level.  Still my breathing came in big gulps and my legs were unsteady rubber bands as I pulled up to the garage.  Home.

I don't remember ever feeling this beat when I was riding my bike in high school.  Must really be getting old now.  Here's hoping I make it through the rest of the day at work without a spontaneous uncontrolled nap.  I hope the ride tomorrow hurts just a little less, but that could be hoping for too much.

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  1. This all makes me feel much better! Thanks for sharing. I'll remember that I'm not alone when I get on my bike later this week. Love, Aunt Deb.

  2. Oh you're very welcome Auntie Deb. :) I'll be sure to think of you when I'm riding too. That'll inspire me to keep doing it.

  3. "Must really be getting old now"

    LMAO!....If that's true, then your Uncle Dick is fossilized

    Uncle Dick

  4. great story megan! i felt the same way a week ago. but when i discovered that my legs weren't soar after, i knew i could push through a bit more the next time. i conquered a giant hill 2x my next ride out, and my legs still didn't get soar, BUT the last couple of days my upper back and neck have been seized up. looks like i need to learn how to relax while i ride! keep riding!!

  5. haha! Uncle Dick, you're only as old as ya feel. That morning, I was feeling about 100 years old.

    Thanks for the inspiration Em! I wasn't too sore the next day either. :) We'll see how it goes on my next ride.