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pink sky night

By Tuesday, March 27, 2012 , ,


Clouds rolled in. Clouds broke up just a bit. We headed out for an evening of exploring.

I guess working on catching up with my PAD project has got me thinking in really short sentences. Really short. On Sunday, Lukas and I headed up the coast to check out the Sutro Baths. We're never been there and the skies were look optimistically promising. But the winds when we got there were biting. So, we continued exploring {on foot} up the coast.

The trail just seemed to keep going and often the greenery blocked our view out to the ocean. We pressed on and made it to the trail down to Mile Rock. And from that little beach we found a labyrinth and Lands End. The sky did not disappoint the optimists. Wispy clouds pink, puff clouds with texture.

The view was impressive.


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