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takin' pictures

By Tuesday, January 24, 2012 ,

us with ZEm

Along with taking a picture a day for a year, I really want to be better at taking portraits. Especially when we're hanging out with friends. That way, as we put together photo albums they'll be filled with more things than {pretty} pictures of rocks and Lukas and I making funny faces. Plus, these will be the ones we'll enjoying looking back on and our kids will groan about. "Gosh Mom! Why do we need to have all these pictures of you and your OLD friends?!" Building up ammo for our {future} kids, we're nice {future} parents like that.

So, when we got together for a little football watching last weekend I made sure to take out my camera. And while all eyes were on the game I tried to get a little bit creative on my portrait taking. Though the low angle isn't always the most flattering and my skills with off camera flash could use lots of work... everyone's got to start somewhere right?

here's how you throw
Zach details the intricacies of throwing a perfect spiral.

a little worried
The crowd a little bit worried.

Then, with a few minutes left in the game dinner was ready. Fish tacos and yummy salad were gobbled up quite quickly. Amazing, considering our skills for packing away snacks just a little bit earlier. I guess when it's yummy there's no stopping us.

After dinner I tried for one last candid shot... except my sneak attack was not that sneaky and I was caught.


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