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one moment every day

By Wednesday, January 11, 2012

frozen air

Starting in the new year, Lukas challenged me to complete Project 365. A picture taken every day for a straight year. I got my start a few days into 2012, but still planned to go 365 days. And I did great for 4 days. And then we went to Yosemite and I only took a couple videos that Saturday before I was required to put my gloves back on. {quite impressive that Lukas could stand to have his gloves off to capture some great images!}

I started again. Lukas said instead of 365, maybe I should just see how many days in a row I can go. I hope my next personal best, after this dismal 4 day streak, will be 365. Fingers crossed.

Check out the daily capture here: onemomenteveryday

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